2008 CR parts that fit all S2000's

Due to these products just being released from Honda, they are in VERY limited supply. Some items may backorder when you place your order. We will process the orderds as soon as we get the parts from Honda.
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    • 45% less

    The lug nuts from the CR are black. Finally black lug nuts from Honda that are not 8.00 each like the NSX ones.


    • $9.85

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  • 2008 CR Front sway bar
    • 21% less

    This is the Front sway bar for the 2008 CR

    • $170.50

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  • 2008 CR steering rack stiffeners
    • 33% less

    2008 CR steering rack Stiffeners

    • $132.95

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  • 2008 - 2009 CR Front Spoiler
    • 34% less

    This spoiler fits all AP2 front bumpers. This will not fit AP1 front bumpers. This spoiler does not weigh 105 pounds but it ships as oversize 3 which is equal to 105lbs. Also remember if you pick a color and you are planning to paint it, do not pick white or rio unless you have a light colored car because the weatherstrip on the upper part of the spoiler is tan and not black like all the other colors.

    • $784.95

    Score: 3.80. Votes: 55
  • 2008 CR rear wing
    • 29% less

    This will fit all years of s2000. Get that cool CR look wing This ships as oversize 2 which is equal to 80 lbs. This spoiler does not weigh 80 lbs.

    • $1418.00

    Score: 3.88. Votes: 17
  • 2008 CR Shift Knob (now available with red lettering)
    • 32% less

    CR shift knob

    • $89.95

    Score: 4.00. Votes: 9
  • 2008 CR RADIO DOOR
    • 28% less


    • $44.95

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  • 2008 CR clear side markers
    • 42% less

    YES FINALLY CLEAR SIDES FROM HONDA OF AMERICA Sold as a set (2). With Amber bulbs. Now you can upgrade to LED bulbs if you like. LED bulbs available is Yellow, White, Blue, Red, Green

    • $37.95

    Score: 14.78. Votes: 9
  • Here are the black side emblems for the CR. Make sure the quantity is correct when you order. They are sold individually.
    • $107.05

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  • So you took the spare tire out of your car, here's Honda's answer. The kit comes with a tire puncture repair kit and a nifty air pump. You can also get the styrofoam piece that holds all these things in place. That's number 5 in the picture. Your kit will consist of numbers 1, 2, 12, and 13. This product can and will only ship via ground service.

    • $415.45

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Items: 110 of 22, per page