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  • Trunk Tool Box Lid
    • 25% less

    So you got a flat on the side of the road and pulled the lid off of the tool box and left it on the side of the road. Good News. It's here. It's #1 in the pic and it's inside the circle.

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  • Striker Screws
    • 42% less

    Screws that hold the strikers on. Sold individually. You'll need two for each side.

    • $0.75

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  • Interior Cabin Air Filter
    • 24% less
    Commonly referred to as a hepa filter
    • $26.25

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  • Hardtop Strikers
    • 21% less

    Wind Noise or Rattle at the Convertible Top

    Wind noise or rattling between the convertible top and
    the frame.

    The convertible top is not held tightly against the
    windshield frame because the convertible top strikers
    are worn.

    Replace the convertible top strikers with hardtop

    Sold in Pairs


    ******** Due to the pandemic these strikers are on back order. Honda has a shipment enroute from Japan. Hopefully it gets in soon. We are the first dealership to get them when they arrive. Currently I have 2 sets in stock. Thank you for your patience. **********


    These are updated Strikers

    • $110.50

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  • Shin-Etsu Grease
    • 28% less
    Shin-Etsu Grease
    Genuine Honda Shin-Etsu grease
    3.52 Ounce tube.
    • $17.95

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  • dashboard lower cover (passenger's side)
    • 26% less

    So you tried removing this panel and broke it. Not to worry. It's cheap. Blue and Red have been discontinued. Black is the only color available.

    • $14.50

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