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  • *OEM Black Soft Top
    • 31% less

    Origional Honda replacement soft top. Replace your worn or damaged soft top. Select MY to choose between 00-01 Plastic rear window or 02-08 Glass rear window.
    *Does not include Soft Top Frame If you are upgrading your 2000-2001 plastic window with the glass window top, you can now get the parts needed to modify your 00-01 frame.

    • $1695.00

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  • Keeper and Retainer kit
    • 24% less

    So you over revved you motor and cracked a retainer. Thank god the valve didn't drop completely and blow up the motor. In this kit you will receive 16 retainers and 32 keepers plus the valve cover gasket set. Please indicate what year retainers and keepers you want. You can now order a 1/2 order. With the 1/2 order, you will get the valve cover gasket set plus 8 retainers and 16 keepers.

    • $239.50

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  • Add this to your cart if you want to use the trunk spring tool. You will be charged 60.00 for the tool and you will receive the 60.00 back as long as you return the tool within 30 days. You can also select the keep it option. Select this option if you want to keep the tool. There are no returns accepted if you use the keep it option.

    • $60.00

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  • OEM Black Wheel Locks (Set of 4)
    • 23% less
    Just bought a set of black lug nuts and wish you had some wheel locks to match. Your wait is over. Here's a set of OEM Honda wheel locks in black. Just to clarify, You will receive 4 lug nuts just like the ones in the picture, One for each wheel,
    • $69.00

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  • JDM Type R shift knob RED LETTERING
    • 30% less

    Looking for an OEM shift knob with the red lettering for the shift pattern? Here it is.

    • $94.25

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  • AP2 Tail lamp conversion kit WIRING ONLY
    • 50% less
    For those of you who already have the AP2 tail lamps and just want the wiring connectors, this this what you have been waiting for. You'll get the connectors with wiring to plug into your LED stop/park lamp. You'll get two connectors with wire leads on them.
    • $49.95

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  • So you got pulled over for no front plate and the police officer was kind enough to give you a warning. Now you need to put the front plate on the car and take it up to the police station to show them that the car now has the front plate on it. You'll get a new one of course (the pic is of the one off of my car). You'll also have the opportunity to purchase all of the hardware to mount it on the car. Order that if your plate bracket is completely gone and not just damaged.

    • $99.95

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  • AP1 Keepers
    • 35% less
    So you over revved you motor and cracked a retainer. Thank god the valve didn't drop completely and blow up the motor. You are going with aftermarket retainers and you only want the keepers.
    • $60.00

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  • You can get just the side markers here or any combination of parts for your side markers.

    • $79.40

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  • 2006 - 2009 Radio Door (fits all models and years)
    • 22% less

    This is the Radio door that is from the 2006 - 2009 model s2000.

    • $37.95

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