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  • Synchromesh Friction Modified
    • 35% less

    Synchromesh Transmission Fluid

    * Partially synthetic
    * Excellent lubrication properties
    * High-and-low temperature-resistant
    * For manual transmissions

    • $16.20

    Score: 4.00. Votes: 5
  • HTG's Illuminated Wind Deflector
    • 10% less

    HTG has teamed up with KPI to bring you an illuminated rear windscreen. Some popular choices are the S2000 logo, V-tec inside logo. Look at the picture for your choices of logos
    Available options for the windscreen:
    Battery pack. This option allows you to run the lighting on the windscreen with a 9 volt battery (single colors only)

    These are custom made to order products and average production time is 10-14 days or 4-6 weeks for custom orders. What this means is allow 10-14 days plus shipping time for you to receive your wind deflector.

    • $358.00

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  • s2000 Stainless Steel Clutch Line
    • 18% less
    • $26.95

    Score: 27.75. Votes: 4
  • You like the stock gearing in your car and want to keep it, but you want a better diff. Here is your answer, the HTG/Puddymod built 4.10 diff. First off we take a core diff and take it apart. We remove the gear, clean it up and cryo treat the ring and pinion. Next we do the Puddymod reinforcement process to the housing. And then finally, we put everything back together with the Puddymod steel sleeve. With this diff, Puddymod guarantees that you will not have a diff failure do to broken bearing caps. The diffs ship via FedEx Ground service only. If you want the diff ship another way, please contact me for pricing.
    • $27500.00

    Score: 3.11. Votes: 28
  • **SPECIAL** Complete clutch package S2000 2000-2008
    • 10% less

    With this kit you will received a ACT Strretlite lightened Flywheel, ACT HD pressure plate, OEM disc, and OEM throw out bearing. This is our recommended set up for the S2000. It is a must if you are supercharged or turbocharged. Due to popular demand, you can now purchase this kit without the ACT flywheel. Just Select NO for the flywheel option and you are all set.


    When purchasing the ACT Flywheel, you will also get an OEM Pilot Bearing. If you purchase an OEM flywheel, the pilot bearing is already in the flywheel.

    • $1349.95

    Score: 21.45. Votes: 11
  • I have the clutch alignment tool from Honda. It's yours to borrow. Subject to availability. Someone may have it out and it may take a couple of days to get back. Your deposit will be refunded as soon as I get the tool back.
    • $50.00

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