Shipping Policy

We strive to ship the items with the carrier you picked, but sometimes it is necessary to ship via an alternate means to get you your products in a timely fashion. If your order must with the carrier you selected, please let us know that in the comment section.

Oversized items. The standard ecomony shipping method for bumpers and other large items is Greyhound Package Express. This service with get your order to the nearest Greyhound package terminal. You will be presented with your options and pick up locations prior to shipment. 

Shipping Fluids out of the USA 

We cannot ship fluids out of the USA. If your shopping cart contains these items, we will credit you back the cost of these fluids and the associated shipping charges.


Local Pick up

You are more than welcome to pick up your order. Use a coupon code of pickup and shipping will be removed. We will not ship your order. It will be held for pickup. So don't try to use this coupon code and expect free shipping.